The subscription fee includes:

  • Transfer from and to Bologna Airport
  • Food and beverages during the whole conference and pre-summit
  • Bicycletour incl. equipment, food and beverages
  • conference fee incl. table, pin wall, power and wifi, coffee/tea and lunch

Hotel is not included but we offer a special deal – see >> hotel.

Early birds get 250€ off!*

*offer limited to 35 companies.

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Subscription to the CycleSummit conference
  • your brand / name you prefer to appear on the list of participants. This may vary from your invoice address
  • only for ad hoc informations during the CycleSummit
  • In addition to the CycleSummit conference program on Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 30/31) I am interested in the following:
  • This will be posted on the website and conference displays
    Ziehe Dateien hier her oder
  • The following will help us to get to know you better

  • how old is your company?
  • how many guests/clients did you serve in 2016?